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I am selling this poster only for the cost of production and shipping. I have no desire to profit from it. I have asked Manju if he is okay with me doing this project and sharing these pictures, and he said, “Yes, it’s a great idea. People need to see the practice.” So here it comes…


- Thank you to Marek Rolko, for helping me cut the pictures from my photos and put them in order. Marek has not asked me for a single euro for his work. 


- Thank you to Nancy, Manju, and David, for sharing the knowledge and your personal experience. Thank you as well to all the other teachers I have met, for helping me to build my own experience.

Jaro Pávek, 15. Dec. 2017


The price of the poster is 15,-€ a piece

Packaging, handling and shipping is 5,- € within Europe and 10,- € outside Europe


Size of the poster is 841 x 1189mm (33,1 x 46,8 inches)

Please fill in the information below and I will get back to you to let know the price of the shipping to your country and about the payment option.

Thanks, Jaro.

Success! Message received.

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